Property Management

Hillel Realty Group Specializes in property management and there are a lot of ways we can help increase your overall cash flow. Have you ever looked into the benefits of having a professional property management company in NYC manage the property for your?

We want you to know:


Maximizing your rental property management income

Hillel Realty Group can bring a unique set of skills to the management table.  We are experts in rental property management in NYC with a dedicated team with market knowledge that’s second to none.  The advertising system we have for our rental division will ensure your apartment stays occupied with good reliable tenants paying full market value for your place.  We also have a detailed 3-5 year Equity Plan to increase your property’s equity.

Another benefit is we can get them out just as easy as we got them in.  If there are any issues with Non-paying tenants we take immediate action, generally 10—15 days for the first notice. With our knowledge and professionalism we make rental property management easy.

Hillel Realty Group Experience:

Hillel Realty Group has over 50 years of combined experience and makes it a top property management company in NYC. Our team of experts has existing properties managed with established relationships for any service provider we need to maintain your building. It’s through our relationships and perfected management practices we are able to save you money on the bottom line of your expense report.  We want to take all the headache and hassle off your shoulders and make property management a breeze.

That’s just a brief overview of WHO WE ARE and how we can help.  Browse our website,, and feel free to contact us to schedule a meeting to get to know us a bit better and ensure we would be a good fit. 

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